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School and Library Shows:

*Everyone Can Be a Recycling Hero!
*Recycled Rhythm Program
*One Big World and Many Stories
*Dream Big & Read!
*Dig Into Reading!


Recycled Rhythm Program
for schools and libraries

"Everyone can make a difference...
It all begins with a kind heart...
Respect yourself, others and this planet...
and a positive change will start!..."
Vicki Ethier

The Recycled Rhythm Program was designed for an elementary school audience and for library programs.
While sharing that "everyone can make a difference" through respect for one-self, for others and respect for this planet, Vicki and Sticks promote a message of kindness.
By singing about the three "R's"...reduce, reuse, recycle...the Recycled Rhythm Program also talks about how recycling helps the world around us.
Children also learn through this program that the best place to practice "reuse" is at their neighborhood library.

This music show is fast paced and encourages audience participation, as the children in the audience become part of the
Recycled Rhythm Band!

Vicki & Sticks would like to introduce a new member of the recycled rhythm team...
...made out of recycled material found in Vicki and Rick's house, Milkshake encourages the three "R's" in recycling...

Here are a few of the libraries Vicki and Sticks have had the pleasure of performing at!...
Fiske Public Library, MA
Manchester City Library, NH
Hudson Public Library, MA
Littleton Public Library, NH
Sawyer Free Library, Gloucester MA
Durham Library, NH
Wheeler Memorial Library, Orange MA
Groton Public Library, MA
Princeton Public Library, MA
...Watertown Free Public Library, MA
...Holliston Public Library,MA
...Tewksbury Public Library, MA
...Willmington Memorial Library, MA
...Shrewsbury Public Library, MA
John Curtis Free Library, Hanover, MA
Stockbridge Library, MA
Leominster Public Library, MA
Russell Memorial Library, Acushnet MA
East Brookfield Public Library, MA
Milton Public Library, MA
...Thomas Crane Public Library, MA


...a letter from Wilma S. Gooby, Director of the Extended Day Program, Ipswich, Mass....
"Hello Vic and Sticks,
     All the EDP students, staff and myself thank you both for such an entertaining, creative, "Recycling", and high energy
presentation at the Doyon School in Ipswich, MA.
     We really enjoyed your musical talents and original songs...."

 ...from Elaine Fort Weischedel, Children's Librarian, Milton Public Library, Milton Mass...
Thank you so much for the great show yesterday, that kicked off our "Go Green" summer programs at the Milton Public Library.  Our capacity crowd was enchanted and your performane hit all the right notes in terms of energy, entertainment, and education.  Everyone left with a big smile, and parents are stll thanking me. I couldn't have asked for more!


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